Through The Hard Times, Through The Limit

Sometimes I remember. The other times. The pleasant times. The sorrowful times.

Among many life situations and memories there are always some that stay imprinted in your subconscious mind. On one hand there are some memories I like to recall when I feel down, but on the other hand there are many disturbing difficulties that I wish I didn’t have to go through.

Life makes you forget or integrate in yourself events that happened to you which you found very painful.

In my example that was one illness I was diagnosed with when I was only 19 years old and for a long time I just could not accept that it was happening to me. There were so many negative emotions included, so many tears, so many -as I thought back then- missed moments which I was unlike other people of my age, spending in hospital.

When you confront death at such a young age, it pushes you to achieve things that other would never have the strengths to think of. Overcoming serious illness at first breaks your self confidence, but in the end if you survived the deepest depths of it, you can survive anything.

That’s what I remind myself of.

Illness is something most of us will get confronted with at various points of our lives, some will get better, get resilient, others perhaps aren’t going to be that „lucky“.

I have to thank my whole family for supporting me through my dark times because without them my Sun would probably not have emerged.

Through my illness, I lost contact with many friends, quit so many things I would normally do, but I also learned to cherish the people who sticked with me and who supported me.

The funny thing and at the same time the irony of the whole situation is that you have to stay strong when you are feeling the lowest. That, my reader, not many of us could accomplish, but not you my dear….

You could.


Embrace Adversity

As human beings we have to constantly adapt in order to survive.

Sometimes we want to avoid adaptation because it is painful or unfamiliar, but by rejecting it we are also avoiding growth. Adaptation means facing adversity and becoming a stronger person by having made it through the storm.

While in the depths of its painful process, you may start to wonder how will you get through it and my simple advice would be by turning to others: mentors, parents or friends.

Proof of your strength in those moments is accepting that there are things you perhaps can’t handle without help of others or some higher force. Therefore, religion is also a path to coming to terms with many difficulties we face occasionally.

It is essential to stay positive no matter how painful your situation seems to you. I was often astonished how many bad thing which happened to be, turned out to be the greatest blessings.

The thing is I always stayed grateful for everything I had or have. Most people when confronted with adversity, get scared or want to escape from it, but as Winston Churchill said, you just have to keep going through Hell and in my opinion, eventually you’ll find yourself in Heaven.

Adversity taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was.

Adversity taught me that there are some life events that aren’t under our control.

Adversity taught me that if I could have survived past misfortunes, I could survive anything.

There were moments when I tried to escape all the misfortunes that were happening to me, but I soon realized that they won’t magically dissappear by doing so. I had to confront them. In order to survive and live life to the fullest we must embrace inevitable changes, adapt, have faith and be grateful.

If you open a box of adversity…maybe you’ll find- hope.