It Is All About The Mindset

Optimism or pessimism? Glass half full of half empty?

Can you learn to be optimistic or is it a mindset with which you were born?

Have hardships made you look world in a pessimistic way?


There are two groups of people: the ones who see good in bad and the ones who see bad in good.

I think it is always better to lean to more optimistic side of life.

Life is a gift and although it may not seem always so, when for example confronted with difficulties, you will more easily get through them if keeping positive attitude. Real art is to appreciate every situation in which you may find yourself, whether your perception of it is good or bad.

Often bad situations turn out to be the greatest blessings, but sometimes we don’t see it in the given moment. Pessimissm brings bitternes, reduced enjoyment of life and unhappines, so try to learn to view people or situations around you in brighter light.

Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive people and not drown in negativity. Positive energy creates more postive energy. When you get to happiness you will more easily attract even more happiness. To get there you must learn to accept good and bad, you must try to work on yourself, ask for help when needed and cultivate mindful approach. I think that people who ask for help when life becomes hard for them are truly strong people, because they know they need assistance and they readily show they vulnerability.

My advice for anyone wanting to be more positive is to learn to enjoy in small, everyday parts of life. Cherish the moments you spend with your family, help others, don’t isolate yourself.

Everyone has his own share of problems, we can try to solve them or mourn over them, it is all about the mindset- our approach to life in general.

If you learn to put effort in becoming an optimist, instead of all the energy you are wasting on your negativity, you will soon see it pays off.

I wish you to be happy, because that’s who you are!


Happiness Makes Me Happy

Music, reading, psychology, my family, writing, learning, hearing birds singing in the morning, that blissful moment when waiting to fall asleep, enjoying conversations with my friends, my dog…

You may be wondering why am I listing all these activities and notions and the simple answer is: those are some of the things that make me happy 🙂

Just waking up in the morning, drinking coffee and going to work- makes me happy

Just coming home back from work and having lunch at home with my family- makes me happy

Just reading an interesting book in the afternoon- makes me happy

Just walking around the park with my friends- makes me happy


The thing is, when you have a positive mindset everything can make you happy.

Life sometimes isn’t easy, sometimes we are caught in the thinking that makes us pessimistic, but even then life is beautiful and your happiness just waits for you to embrace it.

I am happy because I have overcome serious illness, I am happy because I fullfilled my dreams of getting to college which I wanted, I am happy because I have true friends.

Big part of my enjoyment of life is also my gratitude for life and all its moments.

I don’t have regrets, I always tried to make the best choices in given time. Even mistakes that I thought that I made in the past turned out to bring me positivity afterwards- I growed as a person from them. I became stronger and I learned to appreciate life more.

Everyone of us should also try to help others, give them encouragement when they don’t see anything good in their lives. Happy people should serve as an example that happiness is not only desirable, but attainable. After hardships we grow, after rain the Sun rises. After tears comes smile.

Happy people glow in some kind of magical way, so surround yourself also with happy people to share your joy. When you are happy you see beauty in small events, in routine, in difficulties, in a rainy day.

There are many definitions of what life is, but I think that life is- happiness 🙂




Portray Your Life, Set Goals!

Goals- for the future, goals that we achieved, goals that we didn´t reach.

Some wish they would lose weight, some wish they would finish college, read more books, spend more time with their family…

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now is question that gets asked on practically every job interview or perhaps by your psychologist if you appreciate yourself enough to go to one.

Yet, many people wind through life not really knowing what they will achieve, what they will decide not even today let alone tomorrow.

Perhaps the easiest way is to live from day to day, not paying much attention to what future will bring you or to what you will bring to it.

There were times when I just went through life, feeling lost, detached, but every bit of the moment I strived for that piece of security and purpose that goals bring us.

Probably the biggest goal that I set for myself and eventually achieved was preparing portfolio for advertising school. I was preparing one year for my admissions, I didn’t always believe I would achieve that sweet goal of mine, sometimes I stumbled, lost inspiration, but then I remembered: if I fail- I´ll try even harder next time.

I got accepted to that famous and prestiguous school, but I eventually quit. I think I wasn´t completely prepared for all that success, so I started to feel fear. Then I lost faith and perseverance. I think I would go back and finish it one day, I just have to get enough courage to set off on that adventurous journey.

The problem is that most people don’t set goals, they lack the drive and fear the obstacles they may find. Every action takes lots of energy, it is thus easier not to try, but is it rewarding in the end?

I think that we have to have a purpose in life, no matter how big or small it is, we have to have some direction or we would end up nowhere. So take your time, envision your life, fantasize, make a time frame, picture ideal for yourself and achieve it!

Am I Good In Writing- That Is Something You Should Tell Me.

On my elementary school record stands a note: gifted student.

I struggled a lot to accept that, because I always though that is somethng that only brings you negative things like loneliness, sadness and lack of understanding from others.

In my highschool I didn´t have good grades, I tried to fit in by pretending I am not as bright as they told me once. My grades suffered, so did my self esteem.

Then, I thought after a while that I am not good in anything. One of my favorite days ever was graduating from highschool. I felt deep satisfaction from not having to spend more time acting like someone who I wasnt, I longed for freedom.

I am type of the person who deeply enjoys studying, so I went to multiple colleges (unfortunately I haven’t finished one), but that is a different story. From studying things like law, medicine and finally, copywriting- I realised writing and crafting stories and blogging are my greatest passion.

I have a knack for languages, coming up with puns in English, although it is not even my mother tongue and from forming thoughts with pen and paper. I like to write in English because of its variety and many subtly different meanings of the same expressions and its rich vocabulary.

Reading and writing are two main activities I spend most of my time on. At this moment, my dream is to make my hobby, writing to make means of living from it.

I know I have to learn a lot to start a blog that many people would wish to read and of course the one that would generate income, but I am determnined to succeed.

I think that talent after great preservation and dedication still gets recognised.

Now in my head stands a note: gifted in writing, but the audience will have the last word.