Why Is It Hard To Read Relevant Information In Today´s World?

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Although I live in one small country in Europe- Croatia, I spend most of my spare time reading American blogs.

I rarely read Croatian newspapers or, for the matter of fact, any newspapers, because I think they only offer biased information to their readership.

As a result, in their writing we can often read about irrelevant celebrities, corrupted politicians or overly simplified scientific findings. For example: the other day I was looking for an information about anorexic girls, so I, just for fun, opened an article on one of the Croatia´s leading news portals where I read that the unlucky anorexic girl was cured because she got fat. How simple, huh?

Same type of news is perpetually presented- the stats about emigration, unemployment and crimes. In other words we only hear negative news which can make us think that the world we live in is much unsafer than it really is.

I am also part of the Millennial generation and hence, belong to the group of young adults whose life was quite affected with social media.

We literally used to spend couple of hours per day scrolling through Facebook newsfeed and by stalking our acquaintances.

Today it is even worse, if you don´t have Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, just to name a few- in a social media sense- you don´t even exist.

In a way it is good to have so many social media outlets if you use them to share quality ideas with others, but mostly, people share material which doesn´t help anyone.

If you just serve as a consumer of other people´s opinion you will never have your own voice and personality.

In a conclusion, today, if you want to read quality- you have to start sharing quality.


Make A Memory Out Of Your life

How do you archive your life?

Every day is similar, yet every day is different from the day before.

Throughout your lifetime you participate in many events, you gain many experiences and you share many memorable moments with your loved ones.

In order to recall more easily all those memories you can archive what happened to you during many hours, days, months and years that passed.

When I was attending elementary school, I used to write a diary every day.

I was mostly writing about my classmates, homework, trips and grades.

It feels funny when I read now what I used to think long time ago- lots of matter seems trivial, but I know how important that used to be to me back in the days.

With a little pause in archiving experiences in high-school (apart from facebook- if it counts), let´s go fast forward to college. Those are the days when I started to write almost every quibble that came to my mind- I wrote them in notes on my Iphone.

At the same time, during college, I started to attend photography course. At first I took photos with my mobile phone, but when my lecturer made a disappointing statement how real photographers don´t use cell phone for art, I switched to my Canon camera. I started to shoot every situation, detail or place that seemed compelling.

Soon, new memories were created which I documented on my laptop.

My creative endeavours haven’t stopped with that- I started to write a blog and I became active on twitter- which are another ways of archiving your thoughts.

I think that you should always try to capture anything that you can think of- one day you might cherish that gathered memories even more.

Start writing a journal, take photos, make videos, archive your life- because for one day: memories shall stay…

Real life Cannot Be Found On Facebook

I have been using Facebook since I was about 17 years old.

My journey through social media started with Myspace, then Facebook followed (now days I like Twitter the most).

I first set up my Facebook account because it started to be very popular in my country and as I was in high school and you have to be popular in high school- therefore: Facebook!

Facebook was very much different ten years ago than it’s today, but some facts of that social network remained the same- everyone is posting about their happy and often fake lives. Everyone is partying, drinking and enjoying life. When I was younger, I often thought that my high school classmates were like that in real life, but as time passed by, I started to realize how far from the truth that was. Actually most of my colleagues were lost and depressed.

Not much of that fun postings were really true. Unfortunately I was really in a bad mood myself prior to that realization, but now I can observe their posts like a more experienced and mature adult. Actually when I realized that I don’t have to know anything about life of many of my so called „friends“ I was finally free.

While I was in high school, everyone was always gossiping so you had to stay in touch with who got drunk last night, who skipped classes, who made out with someone. Today my Facebook wall is bombarded with pictures of kids and weddings which I also don’t quite understand- shouldn’t photos of kids be kept private?

The best advice I could give myself is to quit Facebook, but unfortunately like all habits that have to be broken, it is not going to be easy. I already deactivated my account multiple times, but I always came back.

In reality today, I think you can only replace one social network with another, so perhaps I can quit Facebook and then start to write more on other platforms and connect with those people whose opinion I share with.

That’s a good start.

Twitter Is The New Black

Twitter is an online website for microblogging.

You don’t have to say much to be noticed there, since your message must be up to 140 characters long. It is great tool for people who like to write and connect with like minded individuals.

There are several groups of people who are using it- some of which are celebrities, influencers or just some average Joe’s who have a knack for writing. In the beginning it is a bit hard to start off, but soon as you catch the drift of how it functions, you suddenly  can’t stop from spending time on that platform.

The very best advice would be to set your own tone of voice, to make yourself distinguishable from other hundreds of millions of its users. I recommend you to write in English since most users communicate in that language.

Try to build an audience of people you would like to grab a coffee with, people with whom you know you could also talk in real life.

While you are attending elementary school, high school or even college, it is easy to find people you would like to hang out with, but once employed your social circle mostly becomes your colleagues. For the aforementioned reason, on Twitter, like you would do in real life, you can exchange ideas and opinions with similar adults.

Twitter can be used to advertise your business, blog or product. However, I get the most enjoyment from following like minded people and not getting bombarded with ads and other marketing techniques.

I like to use Twitter when I get inspiration from everyday experiences. The most of my tweets come from some funny events, things people told me or from pure observation of the world around me.

Most of our spare time these days is spent on social networks: be it Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. However, the one last mentioned is best for practicing your creativity, so-

get inspiration, tweet and connect.

Are You The Same Person Online As In Real Life?

Social networks are facts of today´s reality.

Technology and media can be found in every corner of developed society.Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube have all the same purpose, to connect and share interesting content among its users.Facebook is one of the first, if not most famous social networks.People usually use it to connect with their friends and aquaintances.

Sometimes the way we present ourselves on it, does not represent our usual identity, other-times it shows us exactly how we are.

In my opinion, my friends present only the best from their lives, they portray themselves as mostly happy, as the ones who succeed, have fun and travel across the world.

On contrary, my Facebook persona is funny, witty and shy. I have a small circle of friends, don´t post pictures and I like most popular pages ranging from comedy sites to my favorite TV shows.I mostly use Facebook to chat with my friends and share sharp observations of everyday situations. Most of my content is personal written word.

Producing something of relevance brings lots of more satisfaction than simply liking pages or observing what others are sharing or writing.

I dislike spending much time on Facebook, but I must admit it is quite addictive once you get used to it. You always have to check for new materials, fresh news and gossip.

I don´t like people who take Facebook to seriously and elaborate their life or political views or share their children´s photos on it. People who rant on politics on social media could make greater impact if they actually do something about it in real life.

Admittedly, my identity on Facebook changed over years, from trying to have as much friends as I could, posting only data others would accept to being self confidant and more or less how I am in real life.

Facebook is good to connect with friends you met before, who are now living in different parts of the world, but for others it surely can´t replace live meetings.

It is not wise for younger individuals to spend much time online as their identity is still forming- they can end up under some bad influence, so parental supervision is essential.

In a nutshell, connect with people you personally know, control time you spend on it and have fun, but don´t share too much personal information on it, especially if you are still very young.