Through The Hard Times, Through The Limit

Sometimes I remember. The other times. The pleasant times. The sorrowful times.

Among many life situations and memories there are always some that stay imprinted in your subconscious mind. On one hand there are some memories I like to recall when I feel down, but on the other hand there are many disturbing difficulties that I wish I didn’t have to go through.

Life makes you forget or integrate in yourself events that happened to you which you found very painful.

In my example that was one illness I was diagnosed with when I was only 19 years old and for a long time I just could not accept that it was happening to me. There were so many negative emotions included, so many tears, so many -as I thought back then- missed moments which I was unlike other people of my age, spending in hospital.

When you confront death at such a young age, it pushes you to achieve things that other would never have the strengths to think of. Overcoming serious illness at first breaks your self confidence, but in the end if you survived the deepest depths of it, you can survive anything.

That’s what I remind myself of.

Illness is something most of us will get confronted with at various points of our lives, some will get better, get resilient, others perhaps aren’t going to be that „lucky“.

I have to thank my whole family for supporting me through my dark times because without them my Sun would probably not have emerged.

Through my illness, I lost contact with many friends, quit so many things I would normally do, but I also learned to cherish the people who sticked with me and who supported me.

The funny thing and at the same time the irony of the whole situation is that you have to stay strong when you are feeling the lowest. That, my reader, not many of us could accomplish, but not you my dear….

You could.


Twitter Is The New Black

Twitter is an online website for microblogging.

You don’t have to say much to be noticed there, since your message must be up to 140 characters long. It is great tool for people who like to write and connect with like minded individuals.

There are several groups of people who are using it- some of which are celebrities, influencers or just some average Joe’s who have a knack for writing. In the beginning it is a bit hard to start off, but soon as you catch the drift of how it functions, you suddenly  can’t stop from spending time on that platform.

The very best advice would be to set your own tone of voice, to make yourself distinguishable from other hundreds of millions of its users. I recommend you to write in English since most users communicate in that language.

Try to build an audience of people you would like to grab a coffee with, people with whom you know you could also talk in real life.

While you are attending elementary school, high school or even college, it is easy to find people you would like to hang out with, but once employed your social circle mostly becomes your colleagues. For the aforementioned reason, on Twitter, like you would do in real life, you can exchange ideas and opinions with similar adults.

Twitter can be used to advertise your business, blog or product. However, I get the most enjoyment from following like minded people and not getting bombarded with ads and other marketing techniques.

I like to use Twitter when I get inspiration from everyday experiences. The most of my tweets come from some funny events, things people told me or from pure observation of the world around me.

Most of our spare time these days is spent on social networks: be it Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. However, the one last mentioned is best for practicing your creativity, so-

get inspiration, tweet and connect.

Unsolicited Magical Advice

Throughout your life, you will hear a lot of useful and at times, not so useful advice.

Advices are other people´s opinions which they humbly think would apply to your life, because it served them in their´s.

People from all walks of life will hand them to you, although you never asked them in the first place.

It is up to you to decide what will you remember and what you won´t think about again.

Speaking from my experience, best piece of thought I ever heard came from my father who said that whatever was meant to happen would happen. On the other hand, the less helpful reflection came from my mother who said to me that everything will be fine with time.

These two sentences might seem similar,  but from my point of view, the pure effort to achieve that blissful happening makes them differ.

It is easier just to wait for something magically to happen, instead of taking steps to actually achieve it. But life doesn’t just happen, we create out realities everyday. We decide, we have choices, we have dreams, aspirations, habits…

The other day I saw an interesting picture posted on facebook: it showed how our success looks for the outside observer mostly like we took the painless path, like everything just clicked. In reality we made many difficult decisions, we survived many hardships, we sometimes laughed, but also cried a lot.

So the next time when you see someone who lives the life you always wanted, ask yourself what did it take him to get there. Perhaps you see only shiny moments, because you want to see the end result- happiness.

Every one of us wants to make the best our his life, but our paths on defining and accomplishing that task are not the same. We have to define our own goals, ask for guidance or believe in some Higher power to help us reveal our next step.

I realised that everything would be good in time, but only if we MAKE it happen.

Soon as you start creating your own reality, yes, everything will fall to its place.

Have fun in the meantime!

Embrace Adversity

As human beings we have to constantly adapt in order to survive.

Sometimes we want to avoid adaptation because it is painful or unfamiliar, but by rejecting it we are also avoiding growth. Adaptation means facing adversity and becoming a stronger person by having made it through the storm.

While in the depths of its painful process, you may start to wonder how will you get through it and my simple advice would be by turning to others: mentors, parents or friends.

Proof of your strength in those moments is accepting that there are things you perhaps can’t handle without help of others or some higher force. Therefore, religion is also a path to coming to terms with many difficulties we face occasionally.

It is essential to stay positive no matter how painful your situation seems to you. I was often astonished how many bad thing which happened to be, turned out to be the greatest blessings.

The thing is I always stayed grateful for everything I had or have. Most people when confronted with adversity, get scared or want to escape from it, but as Winston Churchill said, you just have to keep going through Hell and in my opinion, eventually you’ll find yourself in Heaven.

Adversity taught me that I am stronger than I thought I was.

Adversity taught me that there are some life events that aren’t under our control.

Adversity taught me that if I could have survived past misfortunes, I could survive anything.

There were moments when I tried to escape all the misfortunes that were happening to me, but I soon realized that they won’t magically dissappear by doing so. I had to confront them. In order to survive and live life to the fullest we must embrace inevitable changes, adapt, have faith and be grateful.

If you open a box of adversity…maybe you’ll find- hope.

Sounds Like A Melody

I listen to music on average for at least 10 hours a day.

I listen to it playing on the radio while I am working.

I listen to it while I am walking through the city.

I listen to it while I am driving in the car.

Honestly, music is something I am almost addicted to.

Music is pure magic: it puts you asleep, it makes you happy, it helps you get through the tough times. It inspires you, it encourages you, it empowers you.

According to my taste in music which is mostly disco, funk, soul, chill out, old school rap and music from the 80’s my personality is creative, outgoing & headstrong which description I completely agree to.

Often I listen to the same song on repeat for dozen of times, for a couple of days or even months. Some songs never get boring to me. Also I almost always rememeber important moments in my life and song that was playing while something was happening.

When I was younger (especially in elementary school) MTV dictated my taste in music. After school I used to watch videos on TV and I sometimes waited for hours to hear my favorite song playing. Then, I would tape it so I could listen to it later for as long as I would like. In high school I was choosing friends based on their musical preference.

Nowdays I listen to songs that I choose by myself on Youtube. There are many channels with good and relaxing chill out music that I prefer listening to. I even started listening to sounds from the nature- when I am trying to fall I sleep I put sound of the rain on play 🙂 It sounds heavenly beautiful.

I especially love how bass can give more deeper sound to songs. I always adjust it on my Ipod according to the mood I’m in.

It was funny how people in high school used to dress up according to their musical taste- rappers in baggy clothes, darkers in black, those who liked pop music fashinable…

Everyone has his own taste in music, and if you ask me, as long as the music plays, it is fine with me.

Rock and all that jazz 🙂

You Can Do The Math

In my country, these days are starting entrance exams for universities.

In those, among many subjects, students often have to pass math. Since I don’t have fond memories of my math classes and exams, I feel deeply sorry for them.

Math was always my weakest point throughout my educational endeavours. I was good in it in elementary school when we had really good teacher who explained it in, to us young students and kids, understandable manner. On contrary, high school years became my worst nightmare regarding addition, subtraction and all that stuff.

I actually could not find a way how to become good in math- did my performance stem from not practicing it enough or my little brain could not grasp its concepts.

Math was also a big problem for most of my classmates, so I soon came to conclusion that it is just difficult. Probably if it was explained thruogh some real life examples we could connect it with something familiar and it would become easier.

Unfortunately, none of our teachers could do it, they could not explain teaching material well. I also think that some students are better with words, some with art and some with biology and science. I am surely not in the math appreciation club 🙂

In many school systems grades depend on how teacher percieves your effort or in other words how he likes you. In regards to that I have one memorable experience with my high school teacher- I was writing a final exam for a higher grade and although I didn’t obtain enough score for it, my teacher said I deserve a better grade and gave a C to me 🙂

Sometimes, math is difficult, but being hard working and nice also pays off.

Do You Think You’re Brave?


Brave people act even when they feel scared.

Brave people know that feeling uncomfortable is a necessity to growth.

Brave people don’t quit or quit only when they see no further progress with continuing.

Being brave is not about the lack of fear, it is about acting despite of it.

Being brave is about caring for your family, going to work, taking care of your health, being responsible, appreciating life.

Being brave is not about manipulation, using other people for your selfish purposes or about self indulgement.

That is also the exact reason why fewer and fewer people are truly brave today. It is easier to follow the path of others, scared of making your own choices and possible mistakes along that way.

The thing is in order to escape the storm you must pass through it first.

Bill Gates put the similar construct in this way -The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

People are not trying to fulfill their drams, they are living with no ideas, they leave it to life to sway them in any direction. People nowdays are not living anymore for something bigger than themselves: they are often on a path to destruction through escaping reality in forms of addictions, excessive shopping or video games.

I know that its sometimes hard to set meaningful goals or to achieve them – but we must do so in order to progress, to evolve, to grow in our imperfect human nature.

Make plans, be courageous, take care of yourself and remember-


Fortune comes to the aid of those daring.


Love Is Everywhere

Everyone is looking for love.

On one hand, guys are learning how to approach girls and learn how they call it- a game. Girls, on the other hand, are trying to make themselves most attractive they can –  all in one mission: to find that crazy little thing called love.

I think that everybody wants to have a meanigful relationship with another person, but sometimes in order to achieve thet, people seek short term benefits over long term rewards.

Guys are sometimes only interested in physical part of love (if it can even be called love), whereas girls are looking for more deeper involvment.

Some people can’t stand being alone so they jump from person to person and from relationship to relationship, often dissappointed in the end. Other person can enrich your life, but can’t take care of your life or be responsible for your happiness.

I often hear about girls who think they can change their boyfriends, but reality is- you can only change yourself.

The power you have for your own life and for inviting people who you want to be in it is tremendeous. Ultimately, you can choose, but my advice is to choose wisely. Don’t fall for guys who mistreat you, don’t appreciate you or demand you to do things you normally wouldn’t.

Normally, good guys could not be find in bars or clubs, try to meet them through mutual friends or by joining activities that you like. It should be abot making friendships first.

Men should cherish women, but women should respect men.

I am in my mid twenties, and most of my friends are in long term relationships or getting married, it is nice to see they found that special someone. I truly believe everyone has that one person who is meant to be for them.

To find him or her, you should make some moves, but also allow destiny and universe to make things work for you. Timing is everything, maybe you aren’t ready now, maybe you can’t wait to meet someone, but in the end- love will find you.

With love,


Text, Always

Texting became more popular than phone calls which doesn’t surprise many in these days of online media.

Pesonally, I don’t make phone calls often- I would always prefer texting over talking to someone over the phone. Although texting can’t convey all the emotions a phone call usually consist of, it is more pratical and there are always 🙂 or 😛 involved.

There are people who I would rather call, but they have to be very close to me, a family member or a good friend. In some occasions it is more convenient to call than to text, but same works vice versa.

On one hand, for shy or introverted people it is easier to communicate  with others over texting. On the other hand, very sociable people would mostly call you. People who seek immediate response or who are in a hurry will always try to reach you by calling you. If wanting to meet someone for the first time or if it is late at night or you know that a person is busy, you would text him.

I always feel reluctant to make a phone call because I sometimes think I wouldn’t come up with something to say or that a uncomfortable silence would break in.

Also I don’t like receving phone calls, except when text message would serve as a precursor to call.I have a great fear that something bad happened and therefore a call from the other side is nesecarry.

Ten  years ago phone boxes were very common, nowadays everyone has a cell phone, in ten years from now it is hard to predict how our communication habits will look like.


It Is All About The Mindset

Optimism or pessimism? Glass half full of half empty?

Can you learn to be optimistic or is it a mindset with which you were born?

Have hardships made you look world in a pessimistic way?


There are two groups of people: the ones who see good in bad and the ones who see bad in good.

I think it is always better to lean to more optimistic side of life.

Life is a gift and although it may not seem always so, when for example confronted with difficulties, you will more easily get through them if keeping positive attitude. Real art is to appreciate every situation in which you may find yourself, whether your perception of it is good or bad.

Often bad situations turn out to be the greatest blessings, but sometimes we don’t see it in the given moment. Pessimissm brings bitternes, reduced enjoyment of life and unhappines, so try to learn to view people or situations around you in brighter light.

Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive people and not drown in negativity. Positive energy creates more postive energy. When you get to happiness you will more easily attract even more happiness. To get there you must learn to accept good and bad, you must try to work on yourself, ask for help when needed and cultivate mindful approach. I think that people who ask for help when life becomes hard for them are truly strong people, because they know they need assistance and they readily show they vulnerability.

My advice for anyone wanting to be more positive is to learn to enjoy in small, everyday parts of life. Cherish the moments you spend with your family, help others, don’t isolate yourself.

Everyone has his own share of problems, we can try to solve them or mourn over them, it is all about the mindset- our approach to life in general.

If you learn to put effort in becoming an optimist, instead of all the energy you are wasting on your negativity, you will soon see it pays off.

I wish you to be happy, because that’s who you are!

I Decide To Read This Post

Decisions – we bring them every day, from about something that seems trivial to something that would impact our life in the long run.

From my personal experience, I had the most choices while I was in high school and before I started to work. Then, I was also overwhelmed with decision making. There were times when I almost felt paralysed with all the choices I had to make. When you are growing up, you just start to learn about the world and all the possibilities it offers. Sometimes, you listen to yourself when deciding which option to choose from, other times you rely on opinions of others.

The best way to learn how to make a decision is to find a good mentor, someone who would help you navigate through that stormy years of so many possibilities. With years your path becomes somewhat narrower, because you get more confidant in your decision making and problem solving.

It is equally hard when you have many options that all seem like a good fit for you as only having one option to choose from.

When we are kids, parents decide for us what to wear, which kindergarten to attend, what to eat…

Slowly, we begin stepping in the world of youth and then of grown ups, when we decide (or not) to take responsibilities for our actions and changes we want to make in out life.

I think most people are not scared of making decisions, but about outcomes they may cause. For every road we don’t take, it’s one door that we closed. If you are trying to decide about something that is of great importance of you, you should allow yourself to take time to think thouroughly and  choose between many opportunities.

Resist taking action out of fear, always follow your intuition and when possible problems occur, just know that you will find your way through it.

Decisions aren’t hard, you unknowingly even made a decision to read this post, so choose, decide, select!


Happiness Makes Me Happy

Music, reading, psychology, my family, writing, learning, hearing birds singing in the morning, that blissful moment when waiting to fall asleep, enjoying conversations with my friends, my dog…

You may be wondering why am I listing all these activities and notions and the simple answer is: those are some of the things that make me happy 🙂

Just waking up in the morning, drinking coffee and going to work- makes me happy

Just coming home back from work and having lunch at home with my family- makes me happy

Just reading an interesting book in the afternoon- makes me happy

Just walking around the park with my friends- makes me happy


The thing is, when you have a positive mindset everything can make you happy.

Life sometimes isn’t easy, sometimes we are caught in the thinking that makes us pessimistic, but even then life is beautiful and your happiness just waits for you to embrace it.

I am happy because I have overcome serious illness, I am happy because I fullfilled my dreams of getting to college which I wanted, I am happy because I have true friends.

Big part of my enjoyment of life is also my gratitude for life and all its moments.

I don’t have regrets, I always tried to make the best choices in given time. Even mistakes that I thought that I made in the past turned out to bring me positivity afterwards- I growed as a person from them. I became stronger and I learned to appreciate life more.

Everyone of us should also try to help others, give them encouragement when they don’t see anything good in their lives. Happy people should serve as an example that happiness is not only desirable, but attainable. After hardships we grow, after rain the Sun rises. After tears comes smile.

Happy people glow in some kind of magical way, so surround yourself also with happy people to share your joy. When you are happy you see beauty in small events, in routine, in difficulties, in a rainy day.

There are many definitions of what life is, but I think that life is- happiness 🙂