Hi School, Bye School

Middle school and high school- places of fond memories or forgotten sorrows?

Everyone remembers endless days spent in classrooms, never ending memorization of what we considered to be nonsensical facts and answering to teachers.

Oh yes, days I wish I would never have to go back to! Fortunately, I am near the end of my formal education- and I think that now I can share some insights with you about those years that everyone has to pass through.

Years when we hung out with our friends worried if were good enough for them, years when we were under extreme pressure to succeed and have good grades, years when we thought that teachers knew everything…

I remember being in middle school when my worries about grades were filling my mind and in order to escape them I would daydream about Summer holidays. In fact, when school was nearly over (when 50 working days until the end were near), I used to make a small calendar in which I crossed every day that passed. In that way I could measure how much I have already „survived“.

I had so many activities apart from the school- ranging from learning languages to playing tennis and piano. Actually, sometimes only free time I had while I was in the middle school were those 5 minutes just before falling asleep.

Near the end of middle school I started to think over about my high school admissions and how would days in that new institution look like. I was sad to leave my old friends, but was really curious to find out what my new friendships would be.

In that search of my ideal clique I changed a couple of high schools. On the on hand I wanted to attend same classes as my old friends, but on the other hand I wanted to meet entirely new colleges.

Finally combination of bad influence and failing grades made me change high school 2 years before its end. Although it was really stressful to have changed classes in the middle of school, it was a positive change 🙂

Learning from my experience- my advice to everyone in middle school or high school is: choose your friends wisely, take care of yourself (don’t drink, smoke or go out too much), study, have fun and try not to stress too much over small stuff.


My Love For Parents Through My Upbringing

Every night before sleep I thank God for everything I have in my life.

I am grateful for so many blessings, but definitely the biggest one is my family. I am grateful for my mom and dad, brother and sister and grandma who all show tremendous love to me. The love that I feel for my parents is enourmous, especially now when I am already grown up and can see so many challenges we’ve gone through together.

My mom and dad always supported me in my upbringing, through happy and some not so happy times. Throughout my childhood I had an impression that my parents are the ones who know everything, who can solve any problem and help me in every situation. I felt protected and loved, but while growing up, when I stepped into the real world- especially in my teenage years, I started to realise that they are also only – humans. Humans who sometimes make mistakes, who sometimes don’t know what is the best for me. Sometimes, rather often, I didn’t either make it easier for them – I was rebelious, I misbehaved, had bad grades, snekaed out of house…

It is funny how you change your perspective from those naive childhood years to when adolescence begins. I now realise how much my parents must have worried for me in those turbulent times. It must have been hard for them to see all the problems I was causing to myself and to observe often some bad things which I made as a result of peer pressure.

My parents, I know now, wanted only the best for me, but it was hard to think of that when you spent most of your time with group of people who are as confused as you. It surely wasn’t easy for my parents to watch me pass under bad influnce, they wanted to protect me from every bad situation, to help me become a responsible, healthy and happy person.

Now, in my mid twenties, I realise how difficult  being a parent is- you can’t always protect your loved ones. I am most grateful for the support from my father and all the conversations I had with him. I think that every parent shoud serve as example for his kids and talk to them very often: about life, about love, about books, about school. I made a lot of mistakes in my life, but my parents were always with me, they directed me when I was lost, believed in me when I lost hope.

To sum up this little narration of my upbringing I could only say- mom and dad

– Thank you! 🙂