Make A Memory Out Of Your life

How do you archive your life?

Every day is similar, yet every day is different from the day before.

Throughout your lifetime you participate in many events, you gain many experiences and you share many memorable moments with your loved ones.

In order to recall more easily all those memories you can archive what happened to you during many hours, days, months and years that passed.

When I was attending elementary school, I used to write a diary every day.

I was mostly writing about my classmates, homework, trips and grades.

It feels funny when I read now what I used to think long time ago- lots of matter seems trivial, but I know how important that used to be to me back in the days.

With a little pause in archiving experiences in high-school (apart from facebook- if it counts), let´s go fast forward to college. Those are the days when I started to write almost every quibble that came to my mind- I wrote them in notes on my Iphone.

At the same time, during college, I started to attend photography course. At first I took photos with my mobile phone, but when my lecturer made a disappointing statement how real photographers don´t use cell phone for art, I switched to my Canon camera. I started to shoot every situation, detail or place that seemed compelling.

Soon, new memories were created which I documented on my laptop.

My creative endeavours haven’t stopped with that- I started to write a blog and I became active on twitter- which are another ways of archiving your thoughts.

I think that you should always try to capture anything that you can think of- one day you might cherish that gathered memories even more.

Start writing a journal, take photos, make videos, archive your life- because for one day: memories shall stay…


Ready, Set, Goals!

Goals are tasks we wish to accomplish in our life.

Every person has different wishes on how they would like to spend their lives, but every person should try to make an effort in creating goals to reach their dreams.

It is not hard to set goals, but it takes lots of effort, belief and going through hardships and tribulations to make your plans come true.

In order to have our visions accomplished in the future, we have to start working on them in the present.

Throughout our life, we get confronted with time frames and deadlines- we are always in a hurry to succeed in something only to get a new set of duties.  We are expected to set time limits from our early age on- exams are set in time, we have to be at exact point at work, we meet at appointed hours…

When it comes to goals, it is important to make certain projection in the near or distant future when we would like to have our mission accomplished. By doing it, we can measure more easily our success or refrain our expectations.

My biggest goal which I set was when I was preparing for enrolment to my ad school- I worked hard for almost a year. In that time I made almost 100 essays, poems, stories, photos, videos…

It was hard in the beginning to make progress and even to start, but with every successful completion of my work came great satisfaction which pushed me further and further. I got accepted to that school, but because of some unfortunate situations, I had to freeze my status and now I am waiting for some time to get back on track again. I hope I would start with my studies in following 6 months, so this is my new-old goal. I realised through my schooling that patience means half work, it always pays off to be patient and dedicated.

I also realised that it is not only crucial to set goals, it is essential to actually make them real.

Although we have to have result that we want to reach in our mind, the journey is far more meaningful. We always have to set goals, no matter how small or big they are because that exploration while reaching them is what makes our life worthwhile.

So make plans and make them work. It is worth it!