The One And The Only- George Costanza

He is an architect who lives with his parents.
He eats snickers with his fork, because that’s so classy.
He is that type of person who makes you crazy, but probably does the same to himself.
He gets upset really fast so it is better not to confront him, unless you have enough time for his speech. If so, you will find yourself pulled to conversation you don’t want to participate in. It all starts like normal talk, but when opposed opinion towards his is expressed the yelling instantly sets in.
He can’t control himself when you don’t agree with him. But then, if you shared the same point of view, maybe exactly that would bother him. Obsessing with other people’s actions is the way he operates-analyzing is his favorite tool. You don’t even need to hear him, but just look at him to know he is that ever complaining guy. He enjoys triviality what his questions represent the best, but how he emphasizes his words you may get an impression of importance. And how wrong you would be.
He just gives too much attention to what others consider meaningless.
You never know when he is going to lose it, but you do know that it is not wise to be around when it happens. He is a true philosopher, but although he asks, he thinks he already knows.
Unpredictable he surely is. One, but scared to say not the only- it is all about George Costanza